vintage adidas footwear

Vintage adidas footwear can be difficult to source because of how footwear damages over time with use.  There are Marino however Beam collectors that own vintage adidas sneakers cheap jerseys that have never been worn.  You will see from our cheap nfl jerseys never ending list of vintage adidas shoes that we will never be short of different styles and colourways to argue over which is best.  Unworn vintage adidas trainers can be worth exceptional value especially if the style of shoe has a specific relationship with an adidas sporting legend such Sierra as Muhammad Ali or music icons like Ian Brown.  Keep your eye out for sought after limited editions that adidas have released over the years.  Limited release styles and colourways are usually worth more in the future than general releases.


vintage adidas shoesvintage adidas shoesVintage Adidas shoes have an appeal because they bring back memories of times when we and our idols wore those shoes.  Call them what you like trainers, sneakers, shoes, tennis ….adidas has produced some classics over the years and without adidas’s commitment to producing great trainers we might not be talking about vintage adidas at all.

Vinatge adidas shoes cover all different genres from vintage adidas athletic shoes to vintage adidas street wear.  Over the years vintage adidas shoes have been endorsed by movie stars, Vimochana athletes and pop stars which is probably why there is such a demand for vintage adidas right now.  Adidas have always been at the forefront of technology whether it’s the removable football stud, the lightweight leather wholesale jerseys or the ability for footballers to “bend Hacked it like Beckham”.  What ever your pass time, there is always a place for adidas shoes.


  1. hello, i have a question not a comment. i have a pair of brand new with tags, in the box adidas zuperklimbers. they are red with cream stripes. do they have much value ?

  2. Hi, I have a pair of Adidas slip on slides that look really old. They have the name Adidas in large green letters inside the inside sole that is really large takes up almost the entire sole with a layer of plastic over them. Then, they have a black material that goes over the toes (the slides are open toe) and a velcro fasterner with the word adidas on a piece of leather that sits on top of the velcro fastener and then…they have the word adidas on both sides of the fastener in leather. the soles have long grooves on them and the front has a yellow insert and the back has a yellow insert. They are not in great condition just fasinating cant find any like them to compare. thanks!